TORTUGA 5,   the unique pinhole camera ...

The TORTUGA 5 is the first panoramic pinhole camera (with 5 pinholes) in the world to be produced in small series. After years of development the prototype was ready for serial production which started in summer of 2004.

TORTUGA 5 allows you to take astonishing pictures and will help you to achieve unusual artistic creations in the realm of photography.


In the polygonal case are 5 pinhole openings that produce 5 slightly overlapping pictures on the film.

The pinholes are created using a special drilling system to avoid light diffusion on the margins of the exposed picture.

The camera uses standard rollfilms of size 120 that can be loaded and unloaded in daylight, without the need for a darkroom.

All 5 exposures can be taken simultaniously or in sequential order.

The picture is projected onto the central cylinder. The angle covered by the pictures is 242°. The aperture openings consist of 5 pinholes with a diameter of 0.25 mm each.

Unlatching the cable shutter-release will start the exposure.

Each pinhole may be opened or closed individually by a sliding guage. As a result all 5 exposures may be taken simultaniously or one after the other.

A mechanical frame counter is built into the lid.

The camera can be fitted on all tripod sockets, 1/4" thread.


With pinhole cameras you may expect a long exposure time (with sunlight and a 400 ISO-film approximate 2 seconds)

The built-in exposure time calculator is one of the specialities of the camera and essential as no standard light-meter is available for f/stop 256. Normally for each exposure new calculations would be necessary for satisfactory results.

The TORTUGA 5 has a built-in exposure time calculator that converts the time determined by the light-meter for the f/stop 256 and also takes account of the reciprocity failure.


The choice of materials and the exact finish make the TORTUGA 5 an extraordinary camera and a collector's item.

The case consists of solid european plum wood, the external metal parts are made of solid polished brass.


Concept and hand made by LUC EWEN, photo-artist, Luxembourg


© by Luc Ewen
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